The ultimate online test for MotoGP™ experts

Playing is simple, but first you must be a registered user to take part in the game. Once you are registered and logged in, go to the ‘Play Now’ section and follow the simple instructions to predict the order in which you think the first 15 riders at the next MotoGP™ race will finish across the line. You can change your prediction up to 20 minutes before the start of the relevant MotoGP™ race.

Whoever scores the most points at each round wins MotoGP™ Grandstand Race Tickets for the Grand Prix of their choice. Points from each round contribute to your overall score throughout the season, with the final winner in the general MotoGP™ League 2014 standings winning a signed Marc Marquez helmet. There are also great prizes for runner-up and third place overall as explained in our Prizes and Winners section.

You will be awarded points for each of your riders who finish in the top 15. The points are distributed in the following way:

Position / Points

You will always receive points for a lower position if that is where your rider ends up. If your rider finishes higher than you predicted you will only receive the points for the position in which you forecast he would finish. If a rider finishes below where you predicted you only receive the points related to his actual final position.

Race Classification


Your Classification


Your Total Points: 82