The ultimate online test for MotoGP™ experts

This is where your ability to make accurate predictions can pay off! MotoGP™ League 2014 continues the tradition of giving away fantastic prizes, with a signed Marc Marquez helmet, a Yellow Tissot T-Race Watch, a MotoGP Package (Oakley sunglasses, MotoGP cap, GAS jacket and hooded sweater) and Race Tickets all on offer.

You can win...


An exclusive helmet signed by the youngest ever premier class title winner Marc Marquez will be presented to the overall winner at the end of the 2014 season as a reward for their superior prediction skills!

Yellow Tissot T-Race Watc

The 2014 runner-up will receive a stylish Yellow Tissot T-Race Watch, which will ensure they are always on time for MotoGP races! Will you be the competitor wearing a new Tissot watch come the end of this season?

MotoGP Combo

The third placed finisher will be the recipient of a stylish MotoGP™ branded pack, comprising Oakley sunglasses, a MotoGP cap, a GAS jacket and a GAS hooded sweater.


The winner of each of the 18 individual rounds of the MotoGP™ League 2014 game wins the superb prize of two Grandstand Race Tickets, for the entire weekend at a Grand Prix of their choice.