FAQ: MotoGP Apps

Which languages is the MotoGP Live Experience available in ?

The MotoGP Live Experience app is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Should I update my MotoGP Live Experience app ?

We recommend you update the MotoGP Live Experience app when you receive a notification to do so, because some bugs may be fixed on the next version. The updates are free of charge.

I don't get sound on the MotoGP Live Experience on iPad

We recommend you check your iPad sound settings. Switch the iPad Mute off and then back on.

Is the MotoGP Live Experience compatible with Blackberry or Windows Phone ?

The MotoGP Live Experience app is currently not compatible with Blackberry or Windows phone. We will take it into account for the future.

I am not able to log into the VideoPass app

First of all make sure you are entering the correct email address and password. In case you are not able to login, go to Forgot password on motogp.com and reset your password.

What does the VideoPass app not work on my smartphone?

The VideoPass app is not compatible with smartphones. It will work on tablets (iPad and Android) only. A smartphone version may be released in the future.