Inside MotoGP

An depth look into the different areas that help create MotoGP

An depth look into the different areas that help create MotoGP

Inside MotoGP: MotoGP VIP VILLAGE™

The VIP Village offers fans a very special experience at each Grand Prix. Find out what guests enjoy during a weekend and how the operation is managed in the latest Inside MotoGP video…

Inside MotoGP: Timing

Jordi Sais, Director of Timing and Computing for MotoGP organisers Dorna Sports, gives a detailed inside explanation of the processes and technology involved in the recording of lap times throughout a GP weekend. Find out exactly how the timing information you see on your TV and computer screens make it there in this video feature!

Inside MotoGP: PROmotor

Join PROmotor as they prepare a track for a MotoGP weekend, building offices, podiums and press conference rooms, creating sponsor banners, and supporting with security and other activities during the race weekend.

Inside MotoGP: Race Direction

Riders safety delegate Franco Uncini and Race Director Paul Butler explain the role of race direction in MotoGP.

Inside MotoGP: Media Centre

A new series taking you behind the scenes at a GP weekend looks at the different areas of work that go into preparing for a race. In the first of the season, MotoGP Media Officer Friné Velilla explains how the Media Centre works.

Inside MotoGP: Clinica Mobile

Step inside MotoGP’s travelling medical centre as Doctor Claudio Macchiagodena gives a guided tour of the Clinica Mobile, explaining how it operates, what facilities it offers, the equipment used on site and how riders are treated.

Inside MotoGP: BMW M Safety Car

The BMW M Safety Car fleet is the subject of this ‘Inside MotoGP’ feature, in which driver Carlos Pratola explains the Safety Car’s purpose, what happens at each Grand Prix, and how the fleet operates.

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