An in depth look into motorcycle racing concepts

An in depth look into motorcycle racing concepts

MotoGP™ Workshop – Sensors on MotoGP prototypes

A hot topic after Dani Pedrosa’s highside in Aragon, sensors on MotoGP bikes have come under the spotlight recently. Here Repsol Honda highlight some of the main sensors on their bikes, and how they are designed to help performance and safety.

The importance of electronics in MotoGP™

Valentino Rossi and Yamaha Factory Racing demonstrate the vital role of electronics in the World Championship courtesy of this feature-length video.

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Back-to-Back Comparison: Seamless VS No Seamless

Ride OnBoard and listen to the differences of the 2012 and 2013 Yamahas, the former without seamless transmission and the latter including the system.

MotoGP™ Workshop: Pneumatic valve engines reporter Dylan Gray spends time with Avintia Blusens, helping to explain the technology behind pneumatic valve engines. This season, the Spanish team is the first of the CRTs to retrofit a pneumatic valve system on Hector Barbera's Kawasaki-powered FTR machine.

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The Lean Angle Experience

Ask the uninitiated about the first thing that amazes them about MotoGP™, and quite often it's not always the speed - even though the riders are topping 350km/h or 217mph.

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MotoGP™ Workshop: Suspension

It is one of the most worked-on components during a race weekend and has arguably taken on that much more importance since the introduction of the spec Bridgestone tyre. We are of course talking about a bike’s suspension; to find out exactly what it does and how it works, we caught up with Öhlins technician Michael Watt.

MotoGP™ Workshop: The role of the Crew Chief

The bikes and riders may be the stars of the show, but to get them both working in harmony you need more than just horsepower and talent. This is where the Crew Chief comes in…

MotoGP™ Workshop: Get into gear

Many fans will know the concept of changing gear on a regular motorcycle – using the clutch and gear lever to go up and down through the gears. But in MotoGP™ the technology is different and that bit more advanced, which it has to be considering riders change gear up to 500 times per race – if not more! To explain the concepts, we have enlisted the help of NGM Mobile Forward Racing’s Sergio Verbena.

Workshop: MotoGP™ bike set-up and its fine margins

The familiar term “set-up”, coined by so many riders during a race weekend, is a very broad ranging statement – so to get to the bottom of what is meant by “set-up”, and to see just how fine the margins are, enlisted the help of Cardion AB Motoracing’s Marco Grana.

MotoGP™ Workshop: Swingarms explained

In MotoGP racing a powerful engine and grippy tyres are an absolute must, and they are perfectly harnessed by the all essential swingarm. Here Giacomo Guidotti, Avintia Blusens Crew Chief to Hector Barbera and Antonio Jimenez, GO&FUN Honda Gresini Crew Chief to Alvaro Bautista, explain role the swingarm plays.

MotoGP™ Workshop: At braking point

Brembo’s Eugenio Gandolfi talks of the role brakes play in MotoGP™, explaining the intricacies of slowing down a premier class bike, the use of carbon and the challenges of managing over 500hp of braking power.

MotoGP™: The PBM in-house bike

PBM Team Director Phil Borley explains the development process and intricacies of the PBM chassis and bike being used by the team as Michael Laverty's MotoGP CRT package in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship campaign.

MotoGP™ bike maintenance on race weekend

Monster Yamaha Tech 3 crew chief Daniele Romagnoli talks us through regular MotoGP™ bike maintenance throughout a Grand Prix weekend.

MotoGP™: CRT tyres in 2013

As the CRTs head into their second year, Bridgestone is offering teams the choice of an extra soft rear slick tyre. We caught up with the Japanese company as well as representatives of the teams in order to look into the advantages it could bring.

MotoGP™: Insight - New Qualifying for 2013

The 2013 MotoGP™ season brings with it a selection of novelties and uncertainties, whether in the form of new riders or the brand-new Circuit of the Americas in Texas. For both rookies to the grid and seasoned campaigners, the new-look qualifying format will be an added challenge on every one of the 18 race weekends.

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