An in depth look into motorcycle racing concepts

An in depth look into motorcycle racing concepts

MotoGP Workshop: Electronics Part 2

Having learned about Magneti Marelli’s WINTAX system in the first instalment of our two-part video series on MotoGP electronics, which allows teams to visualize and analyse the data collected on track, we now come to part two, where the so-called SYSMA tool, for configuration of the electronics, comes under the microscope.

MotoGP Workshop: Electronics Part 1

Electronics are a big part of modern day motorcycle racing, with many riders benefiting from the safety and performance it can bring. Yet whilst the term electronic setup is one commonly used, rarely is it fully understood, which is why we caught up with electronics provider Magneti Marelli for this two part video explaining both what data is collected, and the adjustments that can be made.

Braking Power: Moving on to 340mm discs

Ahead of this year’s Mugello GP the Grand Prix Commission announced that 340mm carbon brake discs would be allowed for use by all teams at every MotoGP race due to safety concerns brought up by various teams and riders. investigates the technical reasons behind the rule change, looks at which components change on the bike, and studies how it will affect performance.

Wet set-up with Ramon Forcada

In this MotoGP™ Workshop video the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Crew Chief to Jorge Lorenzo, Ramon Forcada, explains the intricacies of setting up a prototype racing machine for wet riding.

Engine Braking in MotoGP™

The engine is usually thought of as making bikes go faster, though in MotoGP™ in-particular it also plays a big part in slowing the bike down. GO&FUN Honda Gresini Crew Chief Antonio Jimenez explains the concept of engine braking.

Bikes that push the limits…within the limits!

MotoGP™ machines push the limits of performance, technology and durability every time they head out on track. Yet with such power comes risk, and with intense competition comes a desire to push the boundaries, which is why 100% compliance with the regulations is a must to ensure safety and fair competition. MotoGP Technical Director Danny Aldridge explains.

Experts preview return to Argentina

In the latest MotoGP™ Workshop and Expert Eye videos all the focus is on the new Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo track as the World Championship returns to Argentina.

MotoGP™ Workshop: Factory vs Open

The 2014 season brings with it a new chapter in the story of MotoGP™ as the new 'Open' class machines join the premier class grid. Repsol Honda’s Livio Suppo and NGM Mobile Forward Racing’s Sergio Verbena summarise the changes.

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