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6 days ago
By Movistar MotoGP

Forcada explains the main issues with Yamaha's situation

Viñales' Chief Mechanic talks Yamaha, and the reasons why Zarco is so fast

Ramon Forcada, Maverick Viñales’ (Movistar Yamaha MotoGP) chief mechanic, spoke openly to Spanish broadcaster Movistar earlier today about the problems Yamaha have faced so far this season.

- The Yamaha riders suffer when there isn’t enough grip: “The Yamaha machines, when there is little grip, suffer. Last year, we were good here (in Le Mans). We have to see how the grip at Le Mans has been maintained. We’re not able to do anything about the grip with the electronics."

- There is no one cause: “The problem is the whole picture. A motorbike is a package: a rider, an engine, a chassis, tires… if we could pinpoint just one thing, it would be very easy to fix and put on last year’s electronics.  But the engine has changed and needs the new electronics."

- The engines: “This season, the factory riders chose a new engine, which has to be the same for both of them. But they are two different riders who weigh and race differently. Each can choose their own chassis, but once they had chosen the engine in preseason, it was set. They did try another one in Qatar but it was too late to change it for this season."

- Zarco has the same Yamaha chassis but a different engine: “We, by regulation, can’t use Zarco’s package (chassis and engine). Zarco’s bike is fine for him but I have no idea how it would be for Valentino or Maverick. Zarco is a great rider on his bike, but you would have to see him on another bike. We use five chassis versions per season. Now, he (Zarco) has one of the 2016 versions, the same as us, but not the one he used last year. He decided, knowing what worked for him."

- Monday is ‘Yamaha Day’: “As I said, the big problem is when there is not much grip on the track. We ride after Moto2™, and there isn’t much rubber and we struggle. On Monday, if there is a test day after the MotoGP™ race, we always do really well.”

- Differences between Viñales and Lorenzo: “A factory rider has to choose between two things that are very similar. There is a danger: if you test something at a circuit, it can go well or really badly. Lorenzo wasn’t influenced by anything or anyone because of his personality. He needed an upset or for something to go really wrong."

- Same treatment for Rossi and Viñales: “Yamaha doesn't just give a screw to any rider. It all goes in the same direction: the engine was chosen by both riders, they agreed. Together, they said the engine is going well."