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Pol Espargaro: “We will do all we can to win at Suzuka”

Pol Espargaro: “We will do all we can to win at Suzuka”

Monster Yamaha Tech 3’s Pol Espargaro discusses taking on the unique challenge of the Suzuka 8-hour race in an interview with Bridgestone Motorsport. The former Moto2™ World Champion chats about his team’s aims, the pressure that surrounds such a big event and their biggest rivals.

Pol, as you know the Suzuka 8 Hours is such a huge event in Japan. How do you feel about having the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious race with Yamaha?
“Yeah for sure it’s a pleasure to race at Suzuka. I always heard good things about this legendary race where a lot of famous riders took part in the past, so it’s an honour for me. Obviously to ride at Suzuka during our summer break from MotoGP isn’t ideal but we will enjoy the experience and it’s great to be riding with the factory Yamaha team as well. It will be a valuable learning experience for me and I will treasure the moment.”

Being a MotoGP™ rider is a very demanding job, so including testing and racing at Suzuka must take a lot of energy. Have you made any changes to your training programme to help you cope with the extra workload?
“You’re always changing your method of training, as you never use the same training system in MotoGP as your personal condition changes over time. Also, you need to make small changes to adapt to how your riding style evolves to suit your new bike and tyres every season. At the moment I have some problems with arm pump, but in terms of preparing for Suzuka, I haven’t had to do anything different with my training compared to MotoGP as this is already at a very high level.”

You have a very spectacular riding style in MotoGP™, do you think you can ride in a similar way on the R1 at Suzuka or do you need to change some things when switching from your M1 to the R1?
“At the first test I didn’t have much time to use my spectacular style at Suzuka as we only had a few laps in the dry, but yes, I hope to adapt my riding style to the R1 as not only is it enjoyable for me, if it is also effective on track at Suzuka this would be great for me. If it is not effective, I will change my riding style a bit compared to MotoGP but either way I will manage. The important thing is I have a good feeling on the bike.”

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