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Max Biaggi on his performance in qualifying

Max Biaggi on his performance in qualifying

Today we took a few steps forward, because to improve over a second and a half in lap times is quite good. Compared to yesterday we worked mainly on the suspension: the main decision was to reduce the back swinging-arm. This change really transformed the bike´s behaviour, but in a good way, allowing us to finally find a good compromise. To top it all off, we used a front tyre that I really liked. As soon as we put it on I noticed the difference, which gave me much more confidence. I had already tested it yesterday, but with the bike not performing well, I gave up on it. It´s strange that we couldn´t reach these times yesterday, because the bike´s potential has always been there. It may be that the error margin we were working in was so little. In these cases it´s important to keep calm and work together to find a solution.

In any case, now I´m on the first row and this is important because with this long straight if you start badly or if you are too far back to get in to the first turn with any room, it´s a problem. I think that the pace will be around 1:47 with some laps at 46.7 or 46.8. The tyres will be a big talking point, mainly which size to use. I think it´s going to be an effort for them to make it to the end anyway. Today I was very happy to meet Jacques Villeneuve in the box at the end of free practice this morning. I invited him several times to watch the race but to see him today it was really a big surprise. At the beginning I didn´t recognize him. We talked a little bit and he was very friendly and a lot of fun, as usual. The best joke he made? ´I´ve come to see the real men´. Later on he watched the qualifying practice.

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