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Spectacular sixth victory for Daijiro Katoh at Donington

Spectacular sixth victory for Daijiro Katoh at Donington

DONINGTON PARK - Three days ago, on July 4th, he got 25 years old and todayhe decided to celebrate his birthday in the best way: Telefonica MoviStarHonda Japanese talent Daijiro Katoh dominated the British Grand Prix atDonington Park and gained the sixth victory of the season out of eightraces, setting the fastest lap (and so the unofficial record) of the circuitin 1´34.096. When Harada-san suddenly reduced his speed at lap eleventh therace became an open door for Katoh, who brilliantly leaded for 23 laps outof 27 and finished with a gap of over ten seconds from Italian Rolfo.Daijiro, who now leads the world championship with a 40 points advantageover strongest rival Harada, two hours after the end of the race was takenby helicopter to Heathrow airport in London to leave tonight to Japan andhave again test session in Suzuka to get ready for 8 Hours race schedulednext 5th of August.

Good performance also for Spanish team mate Alzamora, who after starting theBritish Grand Prix from his first ever 250 front row finished fourth andupped to fifth position into world championship.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250
Position: 1st
Time: 42´46.466

´At the beginning Harada was leading and I tried to follow him. Then I wasable to pass him and after few laps I didn´t know what happened exactly butwatching the signal board my team puts off the pit wall I understood that myadvantage over him became bigger and bigger. Suddenly the gear didn´t go inand I went off the track but I immediately re-joined the race and I couldpush till the end as my tyres today were just perfect. I kept my rhythm andI won again. And considering I knew after qualifying that today it would notbe easy to gain, I guess that this success has definitely a special tastefor me and for my team´.

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250
Position: 4th
Time : 43´11.566

´On one side I´m satisfied, because with today´s fourth place I got fifth inthe world championship classification; but on the other one would haveliked to finish on podium. I don´t know why, but I couldn´t feel completelyat ease with my tyres, though everybody had the same ones as me. Anyway,today we passed the halfway point of the championship and I know I can stillhave the chance to do well in the left 8 races. Next time we´ll be atSachsenring and I like that track very much, so I guess I will do my best tostay with the leading group´.

Fausto Gresini - Team manager

´It´s the sixth time we win so far this season and I´m particularly happywith today´s triumph, since we knew it would be very difficult to beatHarada, who went so fast at qualifying . We were anyway able to find a goodset up for the race and this made us start confident and even if Harada hadnot had any problems, I´m sure Katoh would have fight till the end forvictory and would have high chances to make it. Daijiro keeps on leading thechampionship with more 40 points advantage and I guess this is a goodmargin.

Emilio has been riding well too. After Assen´s second finish, today again hebattled till he could for podium and he finally got a good fourth place. Nowhe´s become fifth at world championship and considering there are still 8races to go, I´m sure he will be able to improve more and more his 250experience. The results Alzamora has been scoring for the last GP give himand the team a big boost´.

Angel Nieto - general manager

´Katoh goes like an airplane! Technically he ´s so good that it´s almostimpossible to follow him. Today he kept a great pace, then Harada had someproblems and finally we increased our advantage at world ranking of 40points over our main rival. I´m also pleased with Emilio´ s performance whoclocked fourth best time and never stopped fighting with the leading group´.

250cc, 2001, Cinzano British Grand Prix, RAC

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