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Telefonica Movistar Honda: Top form Daijiro Katoh on pole at revised Sachsenring

Telefonica Movistar Honda: Top form Daijiro Katoh on pole at revised Sachsenring

SACHSENRING - The first pole position of 250 class at renewed Sachsenringbelongs to Daijiro Katoh. Telefonica MoviStar Honda Japanese star, backlast Monday from Suzuka test, dominated the first session of qualifyingpractice of German Grand Prix, setting the fastest lap in 1´27.785. TheChampionship leader of quarter of litre immediately got familiar with themodified version of the ´Ring´ and continuing his top form period he seemsto be very determined to conquer his seventh win of the season, beforeleaving Europe again and go back to his home country to participate to 8Hours race.

Spanish team mate Alzamora also had a good performance on his first day ofqualifying at Sachsenring. Emilio got sixth in 1´28.283, improving by overone second from this morning´s free session. Telefonica MoviStar HondaSpaniard has just a 498 thousands gap by Katoh´s pole.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250

Best lap: 1´27.785

Position: 1ST

´This track is like the roller coaster we have at Suzuka circuit! It´s upand down all the way long and I still find it quite small, despite themodifications made this year. Anyway, we worked well today, we mainlyconcentrated in trying different kinds of tyres to find the best solutionfor Sunday´ race and we got a good result. I´m happy with the lap time Iclocked, especially considering it was the first time on this revisedversion of Sachsenring. I rode constantly and if we go on this way I guess Iwill be abke to ge even faster tomorrow´.

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250

Best lap: 1´28.283

Position: 6TH

´I must say I´m very satisfied with today´s result. We still have to improvethe set up of my NSR, but already we took the right direction. I got sixthby just half a second from pole. This track has been modified, now it´s alittle bit wider and I like the new part very much. There´s a downhillsession I´ve never seen in any other circuit and it´s so exciting to ridein. Things started well at Sachsenring and I feel in good mood for Sunday´srace´.

500cc, 2001

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