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Jeremy McWilliams on the pain, or lack of it, in his right collarbone

Jeremy McWilliams on the pain, or lack of it, in his right collarbone

Jeremy McWilliams, who broke his collarbone in Donington Park two weeks ago, reveals his feelings after qualifying for tomorrow´s race in fourth place:

Last Saturday, I was regretting the operation I had had three days earlier. I was lying in hospital and I felt as though I had made a really bad decision going under the surgeon´s knife and having a plate and six screws put in. Suddenly, after the weekend, it was like a complete transformation. I swam 25 lengths in the pool and could feel my arm strengthening again. Then I came here and received some work from the guys in the Mobile Clinic and it felt good. My back was sore from having lain in hospital guarding the injury, but I felt flexible and had only a few restrictions.

Now I´m lying fourth on the grid after two days of practices and I can´t believe how I feel after all that happened last week. I´m really pleased with my performance and also my recovery. Today I went round without any painkillers and I had no real problems with my collarbone at all. The only pain is when I have to brake hard and luckily for me, this isn´t a track where it becomes such of a problem. The hard braking turns here are all on the left, and there are also a great deal more left turns too, which is good. The rights here are mostly quick. The exception is, of course, the first turn at the end of the start/finish straight. That´s where the main problem is, but I wouldn´t even call it a problem because it´s not hurting much at all.

I think that I can cover the 29-lap race distance without too many worries, as I´ve said before, because the stress isn´t on the right hand side so much here. There were plenty of 27s in there today, so that´s promising. I think I can do well and can be up there, but we´ll just have to wait and see tomorrow. Right now I´ve got to go and do some television interviews so…

See you tomorrow

250cc, 2001, Cinzano Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, QP1

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