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Aprilia 125cc: Sanna attacks, Borsoi crashes

Aprilia 125cc: Sanna attacks, Borsoi crashes

Gino Borsoi had a frightening crash, Simone Sanna confirmed his winning form that he found back at the Sachsenring and Lucio Cechinello was slowed by too much traffic: This is essentially what happened on the first day of practice at the Czech Republic Grand Prix.

Gino Borsoi # 23 (LAE UGT 3000): The Venetian rider suffered a very frightening crash when he, going into a corner, had a bad high sider and therefore had to settle for a position way back on the grid: 20th thus far. He suffered bruising and an opened wound on his left knee that had to be stitched with seven stitches, a fracture of the stiloide bone in his right wrist and several abrasions and contusions. But following the declaration of Dr. Costa who took care of him at the Clinica Mobile after first following him to the circuit hospital, there is more than just a small chance that he can race on Sunday. The motor of the RSW 125 was immediately opened but nothing unusual was found. ´The motorcycle all of a sudden went sideways and I was thrown over the handlebars, it was really something.´

Lucio Cechinello # 9 (MS Aprilia LCR): In typical irony the rider-manager and Monte Carlo resident described his seventh place as follows: ´In the end I found traffic again like on the A14 on Friday evening direction of Rimini. There were people on the right and on the left as if they were making a picnic. In this situation I figured that it was more intelligent not to take too many risks and I slowed down a little. Therefore this seventh place counts a little more for me, especially as the motorcycle runs very well and I feel in good form.´

Max Sabbatani # 11 (Bossini Fontana racing): The lightweight rider is ninth and was also slowed by traffic.´It is difficult to pick up the pace after so long without riding a motorcycle and in the end there was too much traffic that stopped me from improving my lap time when it counted. The motorcycle goes well, the engine pushes really strongly, but I still don´t take the necessary risks to go through the corners the way that I would like too, fortunately there is still a day left to try and achieve that.

Simone Sanna # 16 (Safilo Oxydo Race): The long break in the Championship obviously didn´t harm the great shape of the Tuscan rider from Borgo San Lorenza who took a promising second place in this practice session after his fantastic victory at the German Grand Prix. ´I´m happy things continue to go very well, I know it, I feel it, if the bike is set up well then the rider gives more too and you feel much stronger. Since we have solved the problems with the bike everything seems to work much better, the motorcycle functions well but we still can improve the set up of the rear suspension.´


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