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Nastro Azzuro Honda

Nastro Azzuro Honda

Valentino Rossi

´ I´m satisfied with second time in practice, which is excellent considering I´m usually not so good in practice as I am in the race. However, I´m not satisfied with the settings of the bike. At the moment my machine is a little ´twitchy´, it´s possible to make one fast lap but it´s very difficult to put together 27 fast laps with the bike in this condition. During practice we had some chatter and I also have to solve a problem with the wind, my front wheel is always in the air.

This is a beautiful track but very technical and very difficult and I would really like to improve the machine settings in the warm-up tomorrow morning.In the past, many times my team has achieved ´miracles´ on saturday night . It would be wonderful to celebrate my first 500 world title with a win in the race. But at the moment that does not look easy to achieve.

Of course I feel tomorrow´s race is a very important and at the moment I´m trying to stay relaxed treating the race like all others. In this sense my team and my close friends here with me are all helping me cope with the situation.´

500cc, 2001

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