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Team Repsol YPF Honda

Team Repsol YPF Honda

In the final practice session for the Australian GrandPrix, both riders of Team Repsol YPF Honda weremuch more competitive than yesterday. Tohru Ukaw aachieved a better grid position and made sure of asecond row start with eighth time overall. His teammate Alex Crivillé, who was within the six fastest ridersuntil the last moments of the session, was passed byseveral other riders in the last minute and dropped back to 13th place, which means that he has to start from the fourth row on the grid. The weather, thatis commonly unstable at this circuit, could be a decisive factor in tomorrow´s race.

Tohru Ukawa

´The key to ourconsiderableimprovement inthe general classification and in my lap times was the choice of the reartyre, because we found a compound that suits my necessities. Mymotorcycle still has some front end chatter, but not as bad as yesterday.Now I can push the front going into the turns, the motorcycle gives memore feedback, so I have more confidence. The better weather todayhelped also, because we had slightly higher temperatures today, the trackwas completely dry, and the wind dropped. I can maintain a good pace forthe race, and I think we have a tyre that will last the whole race distancein good conditions. I hope that I get a good start this time and that I´ll beable to fight for a podium finish.´

Tohru Ukawa 8th - 1´32.768

Alex Criville

´´On this circuit, itis crucial to stickto someone else´srear wheel if you want to improve your lap times, and I didn´t find anybodyin the last moments of the session. Until the last minutes, I held a positionin the second row of the grid, but I rode by myself in the end, and waspassed by several riders in the classification. The twelve riders behindBiaggi are within just five tenths of a second though, and I don´t rule outmy chance to fight for a podium finish if the weather holds up and I get agood start, because I know that I´m up to the required pace. Physically, Ifeel better, but I still feel a bit weak. I was always better in the race than inpractice, therefore I´m optimistic for the race tomorrow´.

Alex Criville 13th - 1´33.009

500cc, 2001

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