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L&M Derbi: Ui sets the pace in Rio

L&M Derbi: Ui sets the pace in Rio

Japanese Youichi Ui has set the best lap time in the first qualifying session of the Rio Grand Prix, 16th and last event of the season to be held on Saturday on the Nelson Piquet circuit. The Derbi L&M rider, who has already won 5 races this year, the last three back to back wins, expects to finish the season with a definitive victory.

1º YOUICHI UI (2´00´221)

´I have suspension problems but we´re solving them. The track is very bumpy so the lap times are not so good. Tomorrow we must work to improve our settings so the tyres resist all the race distance. In these conditions it´s easy to run out of tyres and we must solve that. My aim is to set a fast pace and lap in the high 1.59´s or low 2.00´s and I think it´ll be enough´.

26º PABLO NIETO (2´03´039)

´I don´t feel comfortable on the bike. It doesn´t work as I need so I can´t get the best out of it. I´m going really bad in all the sections of the track and I´m unable to catch the fast guys to get a good time on their slipstream´.

125cc, 2001

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