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Aprilia 250

Aprilia 250

Marco ´Macio´ Melandri (MS Aprilia Racing) # 5

´Under these conditions, second place is a result that is all right for me, especially as the motorcycle wasn´t perfect in this race. I decided to go out on slicks in the last moment, and there wasn´t enough time left to change the intermediates on my number one bike, so I had to take the spare bike which didn´t quite behave the way it was supposed to: There was no moment where my choice was to my advantage in the race, not even when the track was dry. I tried to beat Katoh in the end, but there was no way.´

Roberto Locatelli #15 (MS Eros Ramazzotti Racing)

´We got the set-up of the motorcycle pretty right, and even the decision to go out on hand-cut slicks was good, as the track conditions changed several times between wet and dry. I am happy to having reached my goal for the end of the season!´

Fonsi Nieto #10 (Valencia Circuit Aspar Team)

´In the first part of the race, everything went well, but then a very tough battle commenced between us, and on one occasion we touched each other: Therefore I was forced to catch up several times which was not easy because my motorcycle was not as fast as the other ones. At any case, I am really happy to having achieved the pole position, and I want to thank my team and Aprilia for giving me the chance to be on this high level in this season.´

Jeremy McWilliams (MS Aprilia Racing) #99

´To be up front and battle with the race leaders was nice and entertaining, but I still had some problems because the rear wheel was sliding. The suspension was obviously too soft. With the doubts about the weather, we went for a set-up that was somewhere in between dry and wet. To get all the choices right today would have been like winning the lottery, and we just weren´t that lucky.´

Tetsuya Harada (MS Aprilia Racing) #31

´It is unbelievable: I had chosen the best possible tyre combination with a cut slick on the front and a slick on the rear, but the rear tyre kept vibrating and bouncing, so I couldn´t do any better.´

250cc, 2001

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