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Suzuki and Kawasaki tests come to an end in Sepang

Suzuki and Kawasaki tests come to an end in Sepang

Suzuki and Kawasaki tests come to an end in Sepang

At the end of a hot and humid week in Malaysia, Suzuki and Kawasaki's tests were finally drawn to a close at the Sepang circuit. Telefonica Movistar Suzuki's team had to finish early so the mechanics could pack all the kit which is to be freighted over to Australia tomorrow. From here, Kenny Roberts, Sete Gibernau and their squad move on to the Eastern Creek circuit near Sydney, for another three-day session at the end of next week.

The fact they finished early did not mean the riders were not worked hard, as a frenetic morning sessions followed by tyre testing, which rounded off the day. American rider, Kenny Roberts, summed up the past week's work, 'The consistency of the bikes is good, and the reliability is the best Suzuki could ever had hoped for. It's good to get this first test out of the way, because it's difficult to come here in this heat, and even more so when it's the first time with the brand new bikes.'

His colleague, Sete Gibernau, praised the team's efforts, and acknowledged the advances made in Malaysia, 'I really believe we have made good progress, it's never going to be easy to be developing a completely new bike during the winter tests. We're not up to the pace yet, not even close, but it's only because the bike is brand new. This process takes time, and the others have gone through that already.'

As Suzuki packed their kit into the cargo boxes, Kawasaki continued to test elements for their MotoGP machine, which it is hoped will be able to make its debut in the Championship towards the end of this season. Both riders, Yanagawa and Shimizu, worked tirelessly throughout the day, and will be sure to have uncovered valuable findings, which will then be put towards the creation of the fourth Japanese four-stroke machine to enter the MotoGP World Championship.

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