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Bizarre tale of Biaggi`s motorhome

Bizarre tale of Biaggi`s motorhome

Bizarre tale of Biaggi`s motorhome

Max Biaggi has had to change his accommodation plans and stay in a hotel after his motorhome encountered problems on the journey to Estoril. After completing the IRTA tests in Valencia, the Roman rider headed to Barcelona from where he flew to Lisbon in readiness for the next round of IRTA tests in Estoril. The motorhome in which Biaggi had stayed in Valencia was to be driven to the Portuguese circuit during the day on Monday.

In a turn of bad luck the motorhome of the Yamaha rider suffered a puncture about halfway through the journey, however the misfortune didn't end there. As a result of the puncture the wheel was seriously damaged, and to the incredulity of the driver - who was making the journey with the motorhome of Locatelli's - there was no spare tyre.

The vehicle remained parked on the hard shoulder, and the situation was made more complicated by a shortage of the necessary spare in Europe. In the end the call went to America, and a replacement was immediately sent by air arriving at its final destination - the stranded motorhome - yesterday, (Wednesday). It came too late for Biaggi though who was forced to stay in a hotel near the circuit in Estoril.

500cc, 2001, Max Biaggi

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