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Abe receives a surprise visitor in Welkom

Abe receives a surprise visitor in Welkom

Abe receives a surprise visitor in Welkom

Japanese rider Norick Abe received a surprise visit in Welkom from one of his most well-known compatriots. The Antena 3 Yamaha d´Antin rider shares a mutual friend with the famous Japanese singer, Masharu Fukuyama, and last weekend Fukuyama took the opportunity to meet up with Abe prior to the race in Welkom, and wish him good luck.

The link between Abe and Fukuyama goes back a couple of years now. The singer is a big fan of bike racing, while Abe has also been to see the performer live on several occasions. Last year Fukuyama met up with Norick at the Montmelo circuit in Catalunya whilst attending his first Grand Prix, and then spent a few days with the rider at his house after the race. Since then, the two have become close friends.

The mutual friend of the pair, presented Abe with a bouquet of flowers before the race, which the 26 year-old rider placed next to his bike on the starting grid. Norick eventually finished seventh in the GP, and said of the race; ´I think the points I´ve scored in Welkom and Suzuka will prove important for the championship, and I hope to improve my results once we return to compete in Europe´.

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