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Giampiero Saachi analyses state of play for Derbi and Gilera riders ahead of GP in Italy

Giampiero Saachi analyses state of play for Derbi and Gilera riders ahead of GP in Italy

Giampiero Saachi analyses state of play for Derbi and Gilera riders ahead of GP in Italy

With the Gran Premio Cinzano d´Italia less than a week away, caught up with Giampiero Sacchi, head of the Gilera and Derbi set-ups, to get his views on how the respective team riders are currently doing, and his expectations for Sunday´s race.

´The situation with our riders is very varied at the moment, we have one high up in the standings, one further down and the third is taking his first steps on the World Championship scene and cannot yet be expected to be producing results. Starting with the Gilera outfit, Manuel Poggiali is doing everything expected of him. He is fighting in every race and confronting the competition head on. He is in great shape, both physically and mentally. He has a great desire to win and really enjoys competing. To have reached this stage is very important, because it is with this attitude and strength that results are gained. Some have criticised him for being too aggressive, I would just say that a rider that doesn´t have such desire does not have the appetite of a winner. One shouldn´t forget that all the riders go at great speeds, and incidents can happen in a split second.´

With respect to the Derbi camp, it clear that Youichi Ui is going through a difficult patch. I hope that it´s similar to last year, when he had a bad spell in the middle of the season but was still fighting for the title at the end. The team is working very hard, trying to apply their new programme of development. What concerns me is that there does not seem to be any one obvious factor behind this bad patch. I think that Youichi needs one good race and one good result to get himself going. We must keep working hard, and with belief. Whether or not his bike is going fast… I don´t know any rider who doesn´t doubt their bike when the results aren´t coming. It´s possible that the Aprilias have more straight line speed, but coming out of corners our bikes are very strong and can make up for other areas.´

´As regards Mugello, I´m not going to make any predictions. Of course there is a long straight which favours straight line speed, but there are also many corners, and every race has many variables to take into account. There will be a lot of Aprilia riders who will be racing ´at home´, and others who test and train there a lot, but Gilera will also be racing at home and we´re hoping to get a good result.´

125cc, 2002

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