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Casey Stoner hoping to dispel disappointing debut memories

Casey Stoner hoping to dispel disappointing debut memories

Casey Stoner hoping to dispel disappointing debut memories

It is a year since I made my Grand Prix debut as wildcard rider here at Donington Park, and when I think back to it my only feelings were of annoyance because I knew I could have done better in the race. I thought I would go well here because I had more experience at the track than some of the other riders but I had some handling problems during the race which got worse and worse as it went on and I went further and further back. To tell the truth, I have absolutely no good memories here! Every time I come I`ve got different lines, there´s different bumps… basically I´ve just never got along with this track.

So this year is kind of like a new start for me here and I am learning the track all over again. I am on a 250 now and it is like a completely different circuit to when you´re riding a 125. The 125 was more enjoyable because you had more corner speed. Going through Craner Curves was fun, but on a 250 it is just plain scary. You dip down at the bottom and can feel the front end escape, which is never too good. In contrast at Valencia, one of the only other tracks I have raced both machines at, it was the other way around. I suppose it's a case of `horses for courses´.

The next race is in a week´s time at Sachsenring, another circuit which I have only experienced on my Playstation. It is a course which might suit me, but then again maybe not because it is quite tight and that doesn´t benefit my style. The 250 is still hard for me – I´m not strong enough yet to throw it around like the other guys so it will be tough to turn it through the slower corners.

After Germany we will be going to Italy for some promotional work before heading out to Australia for a couple of weeks on holiday. We have a home in Port Stephen, which is a beautiful place right on the sea where we can relax and catch up with family and friends. I am looking forward to it so much because I miss Australia, and this for sure has been a really hectic year!.

250cc, 2002, Cinzano British Grand Prix, Casey Stoner

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