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MotoGP attendances grow 10% in first half of 2002 season

MotoGP attendances grow 10% in first half of 2002 season

MotoGP attendances grow 10% in first half of 2002 season

The nine Grands Prix which made up the first half of the current MotoGP World Championship have seen a significant increase in the number of spectators attending the events, especially when the series passed through France and Great Britain. Taking into account attendance figures over the three days of each Grand Prix, as a whole the competition has seen a rise of 113,247 people when compared to last year's statistics.

A substantial growth in numbers was seen particularly on race day at the Grands Prix in Le Mans and Donington Park. In France, there were 13,133 more people present than in 2001, while the British race had 20,655 more visitors coming through the turnstiles.

The upsurge in numbers at the Cinzano British Grand Prix represents a 50% rise and is the statistic which best demonstrates the boost the championship has received thanks to the introduction of four-stroke machines into the MotoGP category.$$$ So far this season there has not been a single Grand Prix which has not registered some kind of improvement in attendance figures since last year, and notably the number of spectators on the two practice and qualifying days prior to each race has grown, especially in France, Great Britain and Germany.

In total, and inclusive of all three days of the Grands Prix, the largest increases were seen in Great Britain, where 34,897 more people came to the race. This was followed by France who recorded 23,430 more, and the Netherlands 17,515.

The total number of spectators to have passed through the gates of the first nine circuits on the MotoGP World Championship calendar has so far reached 1,129,772, while the biggest attendance registered was for the Gran Premio Marlboro de España in Jerez, with 201,418.

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