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Giampero Sacchi reflects on the performance of Gilera and Derbi

Giampero Sacchi reflects on the performance of Gilera and Derbi

Giampero Sacchi reflects on the performance of Gilera and Derbi

Officially on holiday but unable to escape from team matters, Giampiero Sacchi admits that the break on the Grand Prix calendar provides welcome opportunity for rest but, above all, the chance to prepare for the second half of an intense season. The Managing Director of the Gilera-Derbi set-up spoke to about the situation of his current riders, their battle to retain the 125cc title and their hopes for the future. How would you assess the 2002 season at the halfway point?

Giampero Sacchi: As far as Gilera is concerned it is very positive – you only have to look at Manuel´s position in the championship. He is responding to what is expected of a World Champion. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Derbi. Youichi Ui is going through a very difficult time and that is making it tough for him to achieve good results. We all expect more from a rider who finished runner-up last season in this category and won six times… but the races are how they are and not how we would like them to be. We sometimes forget that Jorge Lorenzo has ridden just seven times in the World Championship but he is going very well and we are pleased with his development. What are the reasons behind Youichi´s poor form this season?

G.S: Everything has been to do with the suspension. Youichi started the year using the same as Poggiali, which he chose himself during the preseason. Then he reverted to last year´s, which worked extremely well. He almost won at Mugello but he has also had results which are difficult to understand. The team continue to work to their maximum to give him the best possible material – in fact we are already working towards the next race at Brno. You cannot rest when you consider the competition from the other teams. But the riders themselves have had some time off, right?

G.S: Of course! Manuel is spending a few days on the beach and Youichi has gone home to Japan. Jorge is also on an island but it is much closer to home – he lives in Mallorca!

$$$ has been said lately about the future of Poggiali…

G.S: Yes, he is receiving offers, which is to be expected. We would like him to make a decision, whatever it may be, before the final four races of the season, which will be decisive. He must be completely concentrated and cannot give anything away to his rivals, so it would be in our interest that he makes his mind up in September. Obviously we would be delighted if he decided to stay with us in 125 but we understand his desire to ride in a higher category.

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