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Yamaha introduce changes for Brno

Yamaha introduce changes for Brno

Yamaha introduce changes for Brno

The Marlboro Yamaha M1 machines of Max Biaggi and Carlos Checa have received several significant upgrades ahead of the Gauloises Grand Prix Ceske Republiky at Brno next week. A new fairing and modified chassis are available for the four stroke machines and both men intend to make the best use of the new package around this challenging, high-speed circuit.

´Yamaha have been working very hard to give us many new parts, it's amazing what they've achieved,´ says Marlboro Yamaha Team director Davide Brivio. `Although we've had a month´s break from racing, the race department has been as busy as usual, apart from their one-week holiday. We have new parts for Brno. But, as with anything new, we need to wait and see how everything works when we get it to the track. We weren´t able to test these parts because testing has not been allowed in August during the run-up to this race.´.

Project leader for the M1, Ichiro Yoda, added: ´We have a modified chassis, with different rear-shock pivot, to give us the extra suspension movement we have been looking for We also have a new fairing, for less drag and better cooling. We hope the M1 will be good at Brno, the bike´s performance through downhill sections is good, and that's important at this track.´

Brivio and his entire crew are now looking forward to this tenth race of the season. `I think the holidays have been good for all of us,´ he adds. `Our riders have been able to relax, clear their minds and thus arrive at Brno with renewed energy for the final seven races. Both have been very fast and consistent at recent Grands Prix and I´m sure we can expect them to continue fighting for the M1´s first win.´


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