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Chaz Davies recovering well after Brno horror crash

Chaz Davies recovering well after Brno horror crash

Chaz Davies recovering well after Brno horror crash

I haven´t seen my crash from the weekend yet, but people have told me it looked scary and I can tell you it was pretty frightening from where I saw it too! I remember that I had just come out to set a quick time at the end of the session and I was on my flying lap. I was following Steve Jenkner, trying to get a tow for the next lap, but I had to brake early because my tyres were still cold. As I was going quite fast, my weight leaned forward onto the bike and the left handlebar just snapped! By the time I realised what was happening I was heading into the gravel trap and could see the barriers approaching pretty fast, so I just laid the bike down on its side and braced myself for the pain.

They took me straight to the hospital and did checks on my spine, which they most feared was damaged, but everything was clear. My back and kidneys are still really hurting and I ran out of painkillers yesterday but I am recovering quite quickly and I should be fine to race in Estoril next week. Brno was a weekend to forget though – especially for my parents because they got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Prague and missed their plane home!

I travelled down from the Czech Republic to Barcelona with Casey Stoner in his motorhome and I´m staying here for the rest of the week until we go down to Portugal. We´ve parked up at Alberto Puig´s ranch in the hills outside the city so we´ve been fixing Casey´s go-kart and just generally messing around keeping ourselves busy. I won´t be 100% fit at Estoril but I will be certainly giving it a go. See you there!

Chaz #57

125cc, 2002

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