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The secret innovations behind MotoGP

The secret innovations behind MotoGP

The secret innovations behind MotoGP

The arrival of four-stroke machinery to MotoGP has signified a huge step forward for the sport in terms of technology. In Motegi there were eleven four-strokes on the grid, with the Kawasaki lining up for the first time with Yanagawa and the Honda RC211V ridden by Barros, who took victory on his first appearance aboard the machine, being the main new additions.

Proton Team KR will reveal their four-stoke plans for MotoGP later this week, but the team are already using high level technology as they prepare to combat fuel consumption problems with their new machine. The number of hard braking points at Motegi mean that the bike is repeatedly being forced to accelerate hard out of the corners in low gears. $$$To counter the amount of fuel which this uses up, the team of engineers led by Kenny Roberts used a technique more commonly used in F1, freezing the fuel before filling the tank to make it use less space.

The system allowed them to use a litre and a half of extra fuel, leaving them safe in the knowledge that Nobuatsu Aoki and Jeremy McWilliams would not run dry – a problem which has affected many teams at that particular circuit in the past. The pair finished ninth and tenth respectively and returned to boxes with some fuel left.

MotoGP, 2002

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