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Vincent and Poggiali face to face ahead of the final showdown

Vincent and Poggiali face to face ahead of the final showdown

Vincent and Poggiali face to face ahead of the final showdown

The Gran Premio Marlboro de la Comunitat de Valencia sees Arnaud Vincent go head to head with reigning World Champion Manuel Poggiali for the 125cc title. Just eight points separate the pair going into the final round of the season and caught up with both riders ahead of the most important weekend in their sporting careers.

What are your feelings ahead of the race this weekend?
>Vincent: The race is fundamentally important for the final result but I don´t want to get too obsessed with it. At the end of the day it is another Grand Prix and I have raced in many. I am not afraid despite what is at stake. From my point of view the race represents the end of the season, which is quite a sad occasion. I would like to race a few more!.
>Poggiali: It is a very important race - decisive. After Phillip Island I continued my training routine as normal to be ready for what will be the pinnacle of the year in this class. $$$

What do you think about the Ricardo Tormo circuit?
>Vincent: I tested there a lot when I was in the Aspar team and I know it well. The other riders know it well also so I don´t think that is really significant. What is essential is that the bike is effective and then the track is something else.
>Poggiali: I don´t like the track because it is twisty and slow, but that doesn´t mean so much because I won here last year.

What is your strategy for the race?
>Vincent: It is a race like any other so we will have to see how it goes. As far as team orders with other riders goes we will have to see what Aprilia decide but to tell you the truth I think that the result should be based on the merits of the individual rider – not on anything else. At the same time I lost silly points in Malaysia and I may have to make them up one way or another so why not?
>Poggiali: I have nothing to lose. I just have to give my best and get as many points on board as possible – hopefully nine more than him. Of course everything depends on what happens in the race and there are things for and against both of us. Vincent has an advantage in terms of points but it is the first time he has ridden with a title at stake and nerves could cost him dearly. I remember having a 23 point advantage before the final race last year and I couldn´t sit still. >

How have you spent the time since Australia?
>Vincent: The first thing I did was to have a short rest. I wanted to be as quiet as possible. I have worked hard lately and I knew I needed a break because in Malaysia I had become ill.
>Poggiali: I think I can win the title and I have not stopped working towards that. I have not relaxed for a moment. The team are working very hard on the bike and this is obviously not the time for a rest.

125cc, 2002, Gran Premio Marlboro de la Comunitat Valenciana

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