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David Checa talks about a complicated season

David Checa talks about a complicated season

David Checa talks about a complicated season

When comes the time to look back on my season, I must say that I´m not satisfied, as it hadn´t been what I expected and I didn´t manage to get the results I hoped for. In the late stages of the season, things got better and from Portugal, I really improved to finally end the season with a sixth in Valencia, after finishing in eight in Phillip Island.

I finished in 13th overall, eight points behind my team mate, Stoner, and thirty two points behind tenth placed Matsudo. My goal was to finish in the top 10, but I didn´t make it because of various reasons. My injury sustained during the IRTA tests held in Estoril bothered me quite a bit during the first couple of races of the season, my wrist was very weak.

Aside from this problem, I have to admit that the communication with my team hadn´t always been very productive, even if we exactly knew what were our common goals. For most of the season, I wasn´t comfortable with the bike, and instead of improving, things only worsened. We also lost time because the way I usually work is quite different from what the mechanics are used to.

In Brno, a mechanic I previously worked with joined the team and then we began to improve. At the end of the season, we could talk about a steady progress, even if we could have done a bit better with better machinery and tyres.

Despite everything, it was a positive season with Lucio Cecchinello´s outfit. He´s a great man and a great professional. He managed to set a team which has already proved its worth. We´re already talking about the future. My objective is to be stronger in this class and I want to have the bike and the team which will allow me to do so from the first race of the season.

250cc, 2002, Carlos Checa

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