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Biaggi backs Dainese for premium protection

Biaggi backs Dainese for premium protection

Biaggi backs Dainese for premium protection

Camel Pramac Pons Honda rider Max Biaggi will be the first MotoGP rider to wear Wave, the fourth generation back protector from Dainese, which was previewed at ISPO Winter 2003. The four-time World Champion is a regular with the Italian brand and will be being the first to wear this innovative back protector developed by D-TEC for the 2003 season. The Wave back protector is the outcome of extensive studies performed by D-Tec with the help of leading World Champions and Dr Costa's Mobile Clinic.

The structure of the product is divided into three parts: the exterior features six movable plates that perfectly adjust to all back positions, the honeycombed aluminium structure in the centre drastically improves the level of shock absorption, while the soft anatomical support on the interior perfectly contours the body. The main development as regards comfort is the ventilation system featuring a system of calibrated openings that offer a level of heat dispersion, which was previously thought to be impossible. The special layout of the elements, the lumbar joint and the special lumbar bands allow the product to perfectly adjust to both sideways and lengthways body movements.

Biaggi is the first high-profile rider to try the equipment and is a fan of innovations in this area. In 2001 he tried a technical inner suit that measured his temperature and work rate on the bike thanks to a network of sensors woven into the leathers.

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