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Chaz Davies enjoying 250 experience despite illness and injury

Chaz Davies enjoying 250 experience despite illness and injury

Chaz Davies enjoying 250 experience despite illness and injury

Even though I have had a couple of tests on the 250 now, I really don´t feel I have had the chance to properly get to grips with it. My first test at Jerez was just a case of getting a feel for the bike, and then at the IRTA tests nothing seemed to go right. I was feeling pretty rough when we first got to Jerez, but I did 27 laps on the first day and was ninth quickest, so I was pretty happy with that. I crashed and banged my wrist but it wasn´t too bad and when I missed the last two days there through illness I was really looking forward to getting to Estoril. I was feeling better but my wrist started to really hurt going into the fast left handers. Doctor Costa had a look at it and after an x-ray it turned out I had dislocated a bone in my wrist, so I had a light cast put on it and that was that.

Still, I have been really encouraged by the 250 so far. I am a lot more comfortable on it – I was just too big for the 125. If you look at, say, Dani Pedrosa compared to me through a corner, Dani can really tuck in and he looks very compact, but for me that was impossible because my leg was hanging out. Now I can get on top of the bike, get my head down over the front and really feel part of the machine. I think it can be a good season for me, and I will be gauging my performance against Joan Olivé. We have both come up from 125, he is a good rider and I think his machine is the most similar one out there to mine, so if I can beat him I will be very happy.

Since the IRTA tests I´ve been back to school and doing lots of coursework at home. I am hoping to mix my GCSE´s into this season somehow and it is not going to be easy. I have had some time to relax though and last weekend I took the opportunity to go to the International Motocross event at Hawkstone Park. I have never been to an MX race before so I sent a text message to Jamie Dobb a while ago asking if he could get me some tickets and I was really glad I went. I thought you had to be strong to ride in Grand Prix, but those guys were amazing. Some of them did three races of over 30 minutes each time, and it looked like such hard work on the upper body muscles. I don´t really have much MX experience myself, although I have been out a few times with Casey Stoner. He used to ride MX and dirt track back in Australia so he was quick, but I was not too far behind him. Anyway, Hawkstone made me think it would be a good idea to do some more MX training and build my upper body for the 250, because it is going to be a long, hard season.

On the 12-13 March we have one last test at Valencia before the first race, and I am looking forward to pushing the 250 really hard before we get to Suzuka. Hopefully the rain will stay away and I won´t get sick!!

250cc, 2003

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