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Slight improvement in condition of Daijiro Kato

Slight improvement in condition of Daijiro Kato

Slight improvement in condition of Daijiro Kato

There has been a slight improvement in the state of Daijiro Kato over the last few hours, according to his close friend and fellow MotoGP rider Makoto Tamada. Kato is in a critical condition after suffering serious injuries to his head, neck and chest, but Tamada this morning told that his heart rate is stronger after 48 hours in the intensive care unit of the Mie Medical Center in Yokkaaichi. The hospital have not made any official statement and are unlikely to do so unless there is a major change in Kato´s condition.

`I still can´t believe it,´ said Tamada. `I don´t know how to take in what has happened to Daijiro. I can only pray that he recovers and I am at the temple right now. I went straight from the circuit to the hospital after the race. Yesterday his blood pressure, which had been low, recovered. Even though he has survived the most important stage after the accident, the doctor says he is still in grave danger. It is difficult to predict the future of the situation´.

Also joining Kato´s family at the Yokkaaichi hospital were Tamada´s fellow riders Tohru Ukawa, Norick Abe, Youichi Ui, Nobby Ueda, Kazuto Sakata, Takeshi Tsujimura, Takuma Aoki, Haruchika Aoki, team boss Fausto Gresini and representatives from Honda.

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