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Mick Doohan gives his opinion on the Arnette Africa´s MotoGP race

Mick Doohan gives his opinion on the Arnette Africa´s MotoGP race

Mick Doohan gives his opinion on the Arnette Africa´s MotoGP race

It was quite an exciting race. While it seemed like there was not a lot of action there were different developments like Sete and Troy fighting for the lead early on and then Valentino trying to catch Gibernau to keep people on the edge of their seats.

I think Troy Bayliss did a great job. The bike started to move around a lot more as the GP went on and it looked as though he was struggling with grip; I don´t know if this was because of the tyre he was using or the characteristics of the bike. He rode a fantastic race and his mid-corner speed was awesome, maybe that was tearing his tyres up a little. I think it is a sign of things to come from Troy.

The start was pretty hairy and thankfully no-one got injured. It seemed like Edwards wheelied off the line and then swerved into someone; from that point on it all went a bit pear-shaped really.

Valentino rode very well at the end of the race. He was quite conservative at the start. I did not speak to him before so I don´t know what kind of tyre he was using. He made a couple of mistakes but it looked as though the track was very dirty away from the one racing line, especially with all the cement dust from the oil. I think if he had pushed two laps earlier than he did then he would have caught Sete.

Gibernau had a great weekend and it was good for the team. He seems to really like that circuit and I hope he is capable of a result like that again and maybe on a consistent basis. He is an emotional rider, one who races with his heart, and he had a point to prove this weekend.

Loris Capirossi got too excited and made some mistakes, he is another guy who has to find some consistency. Max Baggi showed again that he is not up to the pace of Valentino (like most riders).

I hope Kawasaki are making some improvements with each GP because I think it is a shame that a big corporation like that do not get more serious with their racing. You have to also question the effort Suzuki are making with their motorcycle. Ducati have come straight out of the box and they are challenging for the lead after two races; they are showing the other guys how it should be done.

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