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The answers and winner of the third and penultimate part of KNOWITALL

The answers and winner of the third and penultimate part of KNOWITALL

The answers and winner of the third and penultimate part of KNOWITALL

The third part of the KNOWITALL competition boasted some high entry numbers once again. Around 1500 people tried their hand at the most recent instalment of the quiz designed to test even the hardened MotoGP fan. On this occasion 79 participants tied with the best score after negotiating the 20 question teaser.

The winner was decided by a draw and Silvia Bermudez de Vigo (Spain) was the first name out of the hat. will be in contact with her shortly to ask for her choice of a replica helmet from one of the Yamaha riders in MotoGP as her prize. The 79 finalists, along with anybody else who has been playing the other parts of the contest throughout the season will go towards the draw in several weeks time to win a Yamaha R6.

Just a reminder that the final stage of the game is now open until the end of the month and this is the last chance to win a replica lid from your favourite Yamaha rider.

The answers to the 20 questions that formulated the third section can be found below.

1. When did Kenny Roberts junior score his first Grand Prix victory?

a. Malaysia 1999
b. Motegi 2000
c. Valencia 1998
d. Motegi 1999

2. Where is Olivier Jacque resident?

a. Nice
b. Montecarlo
c. London
d. Paris

3. How many riders took part in the first ever 250cc race?

a. 48
b. 29
c. 18
d. 32

4. On what day did Mick Doohan claim his last ever world title?

a. 4 October 1998
b. 11 October 1998
c. 20 September 1998
d. 26 September 1999

5. Who was the first ever Spanish rider to score a World Championship victory?

a. Salvador Cañellas
b. Angel Nieto
c. Santi Herrero
d. Benjamín Grau

6. Where did Valentino Rossi make his Grand Prix debut?

a. Sepang
b. Shah Alam
c. Johor
d. Sentul

7. Which MotoGP machine uses a tubular steel chassis?

a. Ducati
b. Honda
c. Yamaha
d. Suzuki

8. Who is the last rider to have won two world titles in the same season?

a. Eddie Lawson
b. Giacomo Agostini
c. Anton Mang
d. Freddie Spencer

9. What is the name of Garry McCoy's girlfriend?

a. Maria
b. Lucy
c. Anke
d. Gemma

10. What is the minimum weight permitted in 125cc, including motorcycle and rider?

a. 136 kg.
b. 131 kg.
c. 140 kg.
d. 145 kg.

11. Which of the following countries has never won a Grand Prix?

a. Austria
b. Canada
c. Norway
d. New Zealand

12. Who owns Randy de Puniet's team?

a. Lucio Cecchinello
b. Fausto Gresini
c. Massimo Matteoni
d. Giampiero Sacchi

13. Which factory changed the angle of their cylinders from 60 to 65º for this season?

a. Kawasaki
b. Suzuki
c. Honda

14. Which was the Repsol-Honda team's debut race?

a. Jerez 1996
b. Eastern Creek 1995
c. Suzuka 1995
d. Jerez 1995

15. With which factory did Nobuatsu Aoki take his first GP victory?

a. Proton
b. Suzuki
c. Honda
d. Yamaha

16. What is the maximum capacity allowed for fuel tanks in 4-stroke engines?

a. 32 litres
b. 22 litres
c. 24 litres
d. 25 litres

17. What are the required measurements of the trackside marshals' flags?

a. 100x80 cms
b. 100x100 cms.
c. 90x75 cms.
d. no limits

18. Which is the longest circuit on the 2003 MotoGP calendar?

a. Suzuka
b. Mugello
c. Assen
d. Catalunya

19. Roberto Rolfo is a qualified member of which medical profession?

a. Optician
b. Dentist
c. Doctor
d. Physiotherapist

20. What is an S4 in MotoGP?

a. Dunlop tyre
b. Front brake disc
c. Michelin tyre
d. Bridgestone tyre

MotoGP, 2003

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