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Valencia presented with IRTA award for Best GP 2002

Valencia presented with IRTA award for Best GP 2002

Valencia presented with IRTA award for Best GP 2002

The Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo was today awarded the IRTA award for the Best Grand Prix of 2002. The award, which is presented for the organisation of the Grand Prix as well as the facilities of the circuit and paddock, was presented to Circuit President Esteban González Pons by IRTA President and former 250cc World Champion Sito Pons.

"This is a very important award because we all know how hard the circuits work to put on the spectacle of a Grand Prix race," said Pons. "This is the last race of a long season and after the three flyaway Grand Prix everybody is tired, so it is a credit to the organisers here in Valencia that the riders and everybody else involved looks forward to coming here so much. In particular, on behalf of the teams, we have to say that the pit boxes, parking and other logistical requirements are absolutely first class and definitely amongst the best in the world."

Mr Gonzalez revealed his pride at the honour and announced special plans for the weekend and the future of the circuit. "This is the most important prize the circuit could wish for because it comes from the teams and if the teams are happy then that means the organisation must be good," he said. "We are putting in a lot of effort this weekend to make sure this is not the last time we win this award. The circuit has completely sold out and I can announce that on Sunday we will have 43,000 people making a mosaic of over 1km in length which will make a statement against violence in sport. Also, we are planning slight changes to the track itself as well as added facilities including a go-kart track, a motocross track and a trial course."

MotoGP, 2003, Gran Premio Marlboro de la Comunitat Valenciana

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