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Biaggi holidaying in the USA before travelling to Malaysia

Biaggi holidaying in the USA before travelling to Malaysia

Biaggi holidaying in the USA before travelling to Malaysia

After spending the Christmas holidays with my family in Montecarlo I am now in California in the USA. I come here every year because I like the place, the people and the relaxed way of life, which allows me to really disconnect for a while. I won't be back in Europe before the Malaysia test and I'll fly directly to Kuala Lumpur on the 17th January.

On the 6th and 7th January I participated in the American launch of the Pilot Power tyre for Michelin and had a lot of fun. It took place in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where they hold NASCAR races and other stuff – a really impressive place – and Kevin Schwantz, Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards were all there, as well as Freddie Spencer with his Riding School.

Riding there, especially in the bowl, gives you a really strange sensation. The bike just sticks to the ground in the most incredible way. Obviously it would be impossible to ever race there but even so, for a bit of fun, it was a new experience. Each rider was joined by a group of journalists and we had a bit of a joke about it afterwards. For once I had a laugh with the press! The atmosphere was very relaxed because the people at Michelin and I have known each other for years and there is a respectful and friendly relationship there.

We had a Honda 600 RR available to ride and both Nicky and Kevin seemed to be over their recent operations – Nicky with his hand and Kevin with his knee. We're trying to organize a supermoto race with Kevin on the 15th January before we go to Malaysia.

It's pretty cold here at the moment – about 5 or 6 degrees – whilst over there it will be above 30 as usual. I am keeping in good shape though and I'll be ready to get back to work. I am curious to have a look at and try out the latest updates from Honda over the next couple of months and I also hope to fully test out the latest 16.5" front tyres from Michelin.

Happy New Year everybody!


MotoGP, 2003, Max Biaggi

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