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Rancinan turns his hand to Roberts

Rancinan turns his hand to Roberts

Rancinan turns his hand to Roberts

Photographic artist Gerard Rancinan, famed in MotoGP circles for his Ducati Speedart project which was displayed last November in Valencia, has once again turned his hand to the pinnacle of two-wheeled sport with his latest creation – a concept photograph of multi-World Champion Kenny Roberts. ‘King' Kenny, one of the most charismatic and inspirational racers in the history of the sport, has been a key influence in the evolution of the MotoGP World Championship in his role as a team manager and team owner, particularly with the creation of his own 3-cylinder two-stroke and 5-cylinder four-stroke machines. It is this pioneering and revolutionary attitude which Rancinan has tried to capture in his image of the American.

"Rancinan juxtaposes the stern image of Kenny's face – granite jaw set, visionary eyes just a hint behind his trade-mark shades – with two figures expressing the joy and agony of creation," explained a statement detailing the concept of the image. "Between them is the motorcycle's 990cc V5 engine, linked to the models by umbilical and intravenous tubes.

"She displays the distended grace of pregnancy; he the distorted arched back of passion. They are Yin and Yang, positive and negative. They stand for the power of Kenny's dream, and the inevitable pain of realisation.

"The engine, shrouded in cellophane, is visible but with the clarity obscured. After creation comes mystery. Nobody knows what will ultimately transpire. Another test of courage. And another inspiration from King Kenny."

MotoGP, 2003, Kurtis Roberts

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