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Reactions from the Kawasaki garage after the second day in Sepang

Reactions from the Kawasaki garage after the second day in Sepang

Reactions from the Kawasaki garage after the second day in Sepang

Shinya Nakano (Kawasaki)

" "We've made some positive steps today with the set-up of the bike. I'm starting to get used to the Ninja ZX-RR and I definitely felt a lot more comfortable on the bike today. The team have worked really hard to set the bike up to suit me and we've managed to evaluate two different frames and a couple of changes to the geometry of the bike during today's test session. I'm still getting a small amount of front end chatter, and we need to look at improving the stability of the bike under braking but, overall, the bike feels not so bad. I'm happy with my lap times today and I'm looking forward to further improvements tomorrow when we start engine and tyre testing."

Alex Hofmann (Kawasaki)

"It was good to park up the old bike and start testing the new one today. Our main focus has been on the chassis; evaluating different frames and swinging arms to find the best combination and then running them over race distance to allow an accurate comparison. I'm pretty happy with what we've achieved today. I was able to circulate in the low 2:05 bracket during the race distance runs and I'm confident that there's still more to come. We've got a few more chassis tweaks we want to try tomorrow morning, before getting down to engine and tyre testing in the afternoon."

Harald Eckl (Kawasaki Team Manager)

"It's been another day of positives for the team. Both riders are working well together with their respective crews and the result of this is apparent on the track. It's enjoyable to see improvements in every area; the bike, the riders and the way that everyone is starting to gel as a team. If I'm honest, to have Shinya go faster than in the race here last year on only the second day of the test is more than we expected and, if both riders can find another half a second before we leave Sepang on Friday, then I'll be more than satisfied with our first test of 2004."

MotoGP, 2003, Kawasaki Racing Team

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