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Sacchi comments on the appointment of Dall´Igna and goals for Derbi-Gilera in 2004

Sacchi comments on the appointment of Dall´Igna and goals for Derbi-Gilera in 2004

Sacchi comments on the appointment of Dall´Igna and goals for Derbi-Gilera in 2004

Derbi-Gilera have this week announced that Luigi Dall´Igna have joined the race department, the engineer who until the end of last season had been the force behind the Aprilia RS3 project in MotoGP. The signature of the prestigious Italian technician has been secured to continue the evolution of the new generation of racing motorcycles, the potential and development of which were evident to see in the second part of last season with the success of Jorge Lorenzo. While the racing division of the firm, located in Mollet (Barcelona), currently continue their intensive programme of work to provide the ‘weapons' for GP action in 2004, the general manager of the set-up, Giampiero Sacchi, spoke with and gave his view of the team ahead of the season build-up.

"I can see that everyone in the team has a lot of enthusiasm to go racing," he remarked. "While being also very keen to work for each other. Bringing Luigi Dall´Igna onboard is a confidence booster and everyone linked with the team is feeling assured and pleased that he has lent us his knowledge. He is a professional with a lot of experience and I am excited that he has come to work here. Later on the races can be complicated and things could become difficult, this we know, but at the moment I could not ask any more of this group."

Dall´Igna will join a department that until now has been directed solely by the Belgian Olivier Ligeois and Sacchi explained that the experience of the two engineers will benefit the racing project enormously: "Their intelligence has to be our guide. Here it does not matter who is the boss or who has that little bit extra authority, rather that they each bring their own slice of expertise; if we can join their talents we will have a very strong combination."


Giampiero Sacchi is quite clear about his team's aims for 2004; to start in the manner they finished: "This team has learnt a lot, not only from the last third of the 2003 season but from the end of the Championship right up until today. The experience of last year is very valuable. There are a lot of ideas and I do not know if there is enough time from now until the start of the season to work on everything we want. However, speaking in terms of goals it is obvious that a set-up like this, with the support of the group behind it, we do not want to race just to make up the numbers. We want to win and take part only to satisfy this desire."

"We are working on all levels, we have dedicated a part of our racing factory to producing our own chassis. Before we needed to take them to England for modifications and it was a hefty job. Now we can get the alterations done in much less time. This is a simple example. Also in terms of the engine we are developing many new components that will hopefully make their way to the team throughout the course of the year."

Concerning the riders who will wear the red colours in 2004, Sacchi commented: "We have forged an interesting team, very professional but also very down to earth. At Gilera we have the experience of Perugini complementing the youth of Fabrizio Lai; with Derbi we are counting on two youngsters both with a lot of talent. Lorenzo showed in 2003 he has the necessary ability and Angel Rodríguez eagerly wanted to opportunity to show his worth and now we haven given him a shot. It will be exciting to see who emerges this season."

The Italian manager places value in the unbalanced 2003 campaign endured by Jorge Lorenzo and Emilio Alzamora. Sacchi claims he was not surprised by the ‘explosion' of form by Lorenzo in the final part of the Championship nor the lack of results by Alzamora: "Everyone is now saying that Lorenzo is a very strong rider but we have always believed this even from when he was at an age whereby he was too young to compete. Obviously such a young rider is going to need time to learn…we all knew this, and his eventual results and progression reflected his potential, but I cannot say we were surprised. Regarding Emilio, I only have words of gratitude for him; he is a great rider and a great person and the only thing I feel regret for is that things were not better for all involved and he could not experience happier times with our team."

125cc, 2003

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