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Colin Edwards: "Don't be surprised if I'm World Champion"

Colin Edwards: 'Don't be surprised if I'm World Champion'

Colin Edwards: "Don't be surprised if I'm World Champion"

Nobody can accuse Colin Edwards of lacking confidence or self-belief. After two successful title-winning World Superbike seasons with Honda and then a difficult MotoGP baptism of fire onboard the Aprilia cube, Edwards is now back with the Japanese firm and ready to embark on his MotoGP quest for glory in earnest. snatched a few words with the charismatic American at recent Honda tests at Sepang and found out that we should not be surprised if the soon-to-be 30 year old is rapidly back to winning ways.

Q: You are testing again and getting ready for 2004 with Honda but firstly, how were the holidays?

CE: I'm right in the middle of a vacation at the moment! I had a theory that being up in the thin air of the mountains back in the States might help me for this test in Malaysia but it doesn't seem to be working that well! I've been active over the winter but I still need to get back motocrossing and doing some real training.

Q: Can people expect big things of you in 2004 now you are back with Honda?

CE: Of course, I would not expect anything less. HRC have a certain way of dictating things and who gets what equipment and so on but my opinion is that the bike is so good that unless there is one part that makes it jump a mile forwards then we are all going to be competitive.

Q: What is your understanding of who gets the best material this year?

CE: I know it's not me! Honestly, we do not know and we'll have to wait and see. Obviously Repsol will have the best stuff to start with and then it will lead on from there.

Q: What do you think about the whole Rossi and Yamaha business?

CE: I think it's awesome. It is what he, the sport and Yamaha all needed. There was a big fight going on about who was the best, Rossi or Honda, and what better way to sort it out than for the two to split. I admire him almost as much for what he has done for what he has achieved on the track. When you are on top it is hard to throw that out of the door and start over again. It will be interesting.

Q: What areas are you working on the bike in order to be ready for the podium from the very first GP?

CE: The biggest thing at the moment is to stop the clutch chattering. I feel like I am giving away half a second, if not more, a lap missing corners. That's something I am going to have to work with and I'd like to get some help from the Japanese side to figure it out. Some of the other guys have it a little bit as well but they have had a year on the bike; they are accustomed and just accept it. I am learning at the moment how to deal with the chatter. As perfect as the bike is there are some aspects that aren't that great and we are going through the motions to fix them.

Q: Sete produced a surprise last season with his success. Can you see yourself in a similar position this year?

CE: I think a lot of people underestimate Sete. When he came from a tough year with Suzuki last season nobody really gave him a chance. From working with him and hearing his comments it's clear that the guy can ride a motorcycle, there is no doubt about that. Personally I can't see it being a huge surprise if I won the World Championship; I've won two in World Superbike and I race to win.

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