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Optimism at Derbi Racing after the first preseason tests

Optimism at Derbi Racing after the first preseason tests

Optimism at Derbi Racing after the first preseason tests

The Caja Madrid Derbi Racing Team concluded a positive first test of the 2004 preseason at Almería on Thursday. After three intense days Jorge Lorenzo clocked a sensational best time of 1'42.3 – a new record at the Spanish circuit. The Mallorcan youngster set his best lap using a completely new chassis, whilst his team-mate Ángel Rodríguez went about testing a new engine and valve settings.

"I am really happy with the three days," commented Lorenzo. "Everything went really well apart from a small crash on the second day. On the final day I was able to run the latest chassis from DRD and I felt very comfortable. I set my best time with the new chassis although we still have development work to do on it over the next few tests."

Rodríguez added that he was also satisfied with the test. "I think we must be on the right track because I am not too far from Jorge's times and he now has three years of experience on this bike," said the Spaniard. "At Almeria I was able to try a few different settings in the cycle part, suspension, engine and so on and we have gathered a lot of information which will help us progress and start to lap quicker. There is a long time before the start of the season and we have to make sure we develop things in the right direction."

The Caja Madrid Derbi Racing Team's next test is scheduled for the 17th and 18th February at the Catalunya circuit.

Unofficial lap times from the three days

Jorge Lorenzo (Derbi): 1'43.0 – 1'43.5 – 1'42.3
Angel Rodríguez (Derbi): 1'44.5 – 1'43.5 - 1.43.6
Fabrizio Lai (Gilera): 1'44.4 – 1'44.8 – 1'42.8
Stefano Perugini (Gilera): 1'45.2 – 1'44.4 – 1'42.9

125cc, 2003

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