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Cecchinello comments on the results of the recent Valencia test

Cecchinello comments on the results of the recent Valencia test

Cecchinello comments on the results of the recent Valencia test

While Randy de Puniet and Roberto Locatelli completed the test that Aprilia organised this week at Valencia, noting the best times of his riders in their respective categories was team manager Lucio Cecchinello disposed in Monaco engaged with responsibilities of his directorship of the squad. The LCR boss, who called time on his racing career last season, confessed that he is still taking time to adjust to his new role that keeps him largely away from the asphalt.

"I am really pleased with the results of this test, but I feel a little weird about it because I had to stay here working in Montercarlo while the team were busy at Valencia. For years I have lived at quite an intense pace and at the moment I am not getting used to life away from the racetrack, but it is evident that they can do very well without me!" joked the Italian. "But seriously, from the first tests of the season I had already lined up the structure of the team, which is a very good ensemble, and they don't need my constant presence."

Concerning De Puniet, who on the second day of activities dipped under the lap record, Cecchinello remarked: "Randy did some excellent physical training over the winter. He lost three kilos and is in good form, like we have seen not only this week but in all the tests up until now. I also have to say that Aprilia have given us a lot of new parts to try out and we are looking at finding the best configuration as well as experimenting with the new chassis, which seems to work very well. Porto and the other riders present at the test have also gone very fast and I think that not everyone had the same materials. We'll have to see if things stay the same when people all have the same gear."

Roberto Locatelli –one of the 125cc riders along with youngster Mattia Pasini- was also situated at the top of the timing screens at Valencia: "Roberto is a very serious rider who doesn't go crazy looking at the stopwatch and trying to set the best time. The laps he made in Valencia were during a race simulation with the bike configured for this purpose; hard tyres and a full tank. He was fast using this method and this is very important."

Cecchinello finished his reflections by stating that he will soon shake off his disappointment of remaining out of the saddle, for one specific reason: "I have seen that Mattia is very fast when he is following another quick rider but it is normal to lose a second or so when you are by yourself. So I have prepared some track time for Mugello and I will get out in front of him to give some extra practice. At the circuits throughout the year I will be working closely with him to try and show some of the things I have learnt over the years."

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