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More reaction and quotes from Sepang

More reaction and quotes from Sepang

More reaction and quotes from Sepang

Carlos Checa (Yamaha): "It's been difficult to improve on the lap time I did last time here but I'm not really focused on that. I'm just trying to find a better feeling and reduce the limitations I've got with this current set-up. I've been using the same tyres from Michelin that we had last time but I've got some new ones to test tomorrow. We've made a few small engine changes today as well that I've had to dial-in."

Marco Melandri (Yamaha): "Today was quite hard work with the heat and jet lag. Physically my shoulder is getting much better but it still gives me some stabbing pains and it's hard to get right down. We lost a bit of time with settings this morning but were back on track this afternoon and I spent time working with Magneti Marelli on our electronics. We found some real improvement in my last four runs. The handling felt good and the power delivery was good. I'm looking forward to continuing the work tomorrow."

Norick Abe (Yamaha): "I haven't had a great day. I just concentrated on rear suspension and I really thought I had found something good at the end of the session so I'm disappointed with my lap time. Hopefully we can sort things out tomorrow."

Valentino Rossi (Yamaha): "It's so hot here! All is quite good but, for sure, we have plenty of work still to do. It has been interesting to get a direct comparison on track with the Hondas and I spent some time out there with Colin Edwards and Max Biaggi. The main points we need to work on are engine characteristics and the front feeling. We had an important day today and did many things, mostly on the engine side, and made some good progress. But we are just taking things slowly and not looking at the full limits at this stage. Tomorrow we'll try another engine spec and some different settings and new tyres."

Jerry Burgess (Rossi's Crew Chief - Yamaha): "We're going a bit slower today but we were trying two different engine specs and we've had a few teething problems with the settings. We knew this would be the case. We made a lot of progress very quickly in our first test and it's inevitably going to be a little slower now. We're very positive about tyres and suspension and I think we've got enough time to build and improve on other elements before the start of the season."

Max Biaggi (Honda): "I'm happy with the day, because we've really done some good work, as well as being able to get some good settings with the 16.5-inch front tyre. We had some good settings from before of course, but still have some more work to do on this new engine. The new engine's much better, it's new in that it has got no mileage on it, but we still don't know if it's enough to be number one yet, we'll have to see how it develops."

Colin Edwards (Honda): "I'm definitely happier today. The bike feels better with this engine in it, which is new to me. It feels stronger and that's good for me. Michelin have brought some good stuff here, perhaps they didn't have what we needed for the front at the last test. Now I'm testing the front for them, and it feels good and I'm getting more comfortable with it. Before the mid-3s were hard for me, now I can do it half-asleep. It was a productive last test for this reason though, the bike and the team is awesome, it's all a perfect unit."

Sete Gibernau (Honda): "Things went well today again, and I'm happy that we've got this new bike going and the engine feels good. I'm doing lots of work for Michelin here, and the good thing is that my consistency is still there. That's the important thing, I've still got rhythm and I'm keeping the race pace. Physically I feel good, and we'll continue to look at settings for the 16.5 inch front tomorrow."

Nicky Hayden (Honda): "A pretty productive day really. We got through what we wanted to test today - a lotta' laps in this heat. Engine-wise we're basically the same as we were last month but chassis-wise we've definitely had a couple of things to try. The rear end is taking some time to get used to - a lil' bit different feel. We're sort of starting from zero - we need to find some base settings and work out which way to go. It took a lil' time to get sorted and we've definitely made some progress in the right direction. Obviously I'd like the lap time to be better - more of the same tomorrow but faster. Just got to keep grinding away."

Makoto Tamada (Honda): "When I crashed the front tyre pushed a little bit too much, I was going a little quicker than I'd thought really. The new engine feels much better, it has more horsepower and I'm much happier with it. I couldn't test too much after the crash, but if I'd continued to test I'm sure I could find some more settings to ride this new machine the way I want, to ride it easier and without losing it."

Troy Bayliss (Ducati): "I went quicker than last year's race time and that's a good sign. I've already got a good feeling with the bike, even though I've had to get used to the smaller 16.5" tyre again after using a 17" one for such a long time. Although I always used the smaller tyre in Superbike, the feeling is different. The Desmosedici however is very easy to ride and we've got two more days on this track to continue with the set-up work and get the best out of the bike."

Loris Capirossi (Ducati): "I'm really happy with the bike, which now handles much better, although we've still got a lot of work to do. The Desmosedici is still new and we are doing a lot of testing work with the 16.5" front. To get a better idea of today's performance, last year we could only manage this time on the final day of the tests, with a soft tyre. The bike now feels good, and is a lot easier to handle and manage than last year's bike."

Neil Hodgson (Ducati): "I am satisfied. It is the first time I have ridden here and it is a long circuit which is a bit difficult to work out at first. In the morning I had a slight fall but we have used this first day really well and that is important because we have a lot of kilometres to cover. We have two days still to go and I am optimistic."

Ruben Xaus (Ducati): "It is a shame we couldn't get some more laps in today today but we have had a few electrical problems and that always makes you lose a lot of time, although there is no doubt that it is better we get these things ironed out now. It is very hot here and that has an effect on the bikes, but it is a nice circuit – technical and flowing, where the set-up is very important."

Shinya Nakano (Kawasaki): "My main target today was to confirm the settings from my first test on the ZX-RR at Sepang just a couple of weeks ago and to evaluate settings and chassis stiffness options to improve the rear end control on acceleration; the bike now feels more stable exiting the turns. I'm now at my second test with Kawasaki and I feel more relaxed on the bike. I am also learning to understand the machine and the way the team works and, over the course of the next two days, this should help me improve my lap times."

Alex Hofmann (Kawasaki): "I was happy to stop a little early as I was in trouble with jet lag with the time change from Europe. I didn't have a lot of energy but I'm sure I'll be okay tomorrow. I mainly worked on getting a base setting with the new chassis so that we have a direction to go in over the next two days, to find a set-up that suits my style. I tried a different swinging arm and rear linkage set-up to improve the balance of the bike so that I can feel more comfortable; we're definitely heading in the right direction."

Harald Eckl (Kawasaki Team Manager): "Today's test programme was aimed at confirming the data from the previous test and establishing the base settings for each rider. Now we've done this we can move forward over the next two days as we start testing chassis and engine options, as well as evaluating more tyres from Bridgestone. Considering that the track temperature was extremely hot, and the surface really slippery, today our lap times were encouraging. Shinya made a good step forward with some chassis settings for the rear end and I'm confident that there is more to come from both riders as the test progresses."

MotoGP, 2003

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