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Quotes from the Honda riders in Australia

Quotes from the Honda riders in Australia

Quotes from the Honda riders in Australia

Sete Gibernau - "For sure Phillip Island is not one of my favourite circuits but I put in around 80 laps today, mostly testing tyres for Michelin both fronts and rears. Now I can say I'm happy with the feeling with he bike on these tyres, and I'm getting comfortable with Phillip Island. We have two more days of testing ahead of us and I'm confident we will be in really good shape when we leave here."

Colin Edwards - "The bike feels good here, it's like I'm learning more about it every single day, and I get faster with everything I learn, I'm becoming competent with it now! The Aprilia I rode last year was a real handful here; but with all the information from previous years, advice from my crew chief Fabrizio, and the things gathered from Rossi and Gibernau here in the race last year, my Honda was set-up great when I showed up. It's different to the Sepang set-up definitely. The track is special here with all the left-handers, so the Michelins have to cope with that and the heat. I feel they have a lot more to give though, it's just a matter of gathering more data. As I said, I feel good, I don't feel as though I'm in over my head or at the limit yet. I'm just cruising around and I feel there's a lot more time to gain in there."

Max Biaggi – "Today I was trying to get a good feeling with the set-up of my bike, but I think there's still a few things to improve. We focused on the balance of the machine, trying to get it to corner a little faster. Maybe it's not quite perfect yet, so I have to work on improving it tomorrow. We'll try a different set-up, and with the Michelin 16.5 inch front tyre we'll try and work the bike around it to get a good feeling, and even try some new things with the suspension."

Nicky Hayden – "We tested quite a lot of tyres today and got through quite a bit of work for Michelin. We seemed to go in one direction then tried another - not the greatest of days - but all part of the testing process. Tomorrow we really want to work on the bikes set-up. I'm not that happy with the way we have it now. It's been clear and windy today. Nice to get on a new track after being at Sepang for two back-to-back sessions. It's definitely a breath of fresh air to go at it on another circuit and see what carries from one circuit to another."

Alex Barros – "Not so bad today - coming better. The lap time is also closer to the first guy and I'm riding more consistently. We're still trying to sort the set-up on the machine. Not yet the way I like it. We still have much to do. The main problem is turning; I still don't feel the machine turns enough so tomorrow we try some different front fork settings and wheel sizes. Today we managed quite a few consecutive laps - sometimes 12 - and the shoulder feels all right. I'm feeling more comfortable on the machine with each day - the more you ride, the more you understand."

Makoto Tamada - "I'm pleased about how we've been able to get to work so fast and so well with the new bike - on a track that's so different from Sepang. This is a fast circuit with a very characteristic rhythm, but we quickly adapted my RC211V. We concentrated the development work on the tyres by focusing on a fairly limited number of compounds and the ideal weather conditions came in the afternoon. Over the next two days we'll be able to work out even more precise settings for the bike."

MotoGP, 2003

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