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Toni Elias makes the most of the bad weather in Catalunya

Toni Elias makes the most of the bad weather in Catalunya

Toni Elias makes the most of the bad weather in Catalunya

Hello to everybody at!

I'm at the Catalunya circuit at the moment, filming a presentation video for my Fortuna Honda team. The weather is really bad so it is making things difficult for the photographers, but at least it gives me time to catch up with you guys.

Generally it has been a busy winter for me with all the tests and now, as you can see, with extra preparations for the new season which form part of our job. I haven't had much time for a holiday but thankfully I enjoy my training routine and have been able to have some fun. After Christmas I did some cross-country skiing which helped build my fitness up before I got back on my physical training programme. It is a good way to disconnect and stay in shape at the same time but now I am focussing my work around jogging, cycling and some motocross and superpotard riding, much like any other rider.

As far as the team is concerned I am very satisfied with the work we have done up to now. We have been using last year's bike and I think with a little bit more time we could have got a lot more out of it. Compared to the Aprilia I rode last year, I have to say the Honda is a little bit behind on everything, but probably the main disadvantage is in the engine. At the next test we will be using the 2004 version, which should feature major improvements in this area. As far as the chassis is concerned I was very comfortable with the 2003 version, but there was room for improvement so we are also expecting some chassis modifications on the new bike.

I think with the times I have been setting on the old version of the bike we have plenty of reason to be optimistic. I know Randy De Puniet and the other Aprilia guys have also been fast but I don't pay too much attention to that and, in any case, guys always go fast in testing but then when the season comes around it can be a different story. Aprilia know that we are making progress at Honda and, with us having four factory riders this year, they will be working extra hard to try and maintain their advantage. Right now though I don't care about Aprilia or the other rivals – the most important thing is what we do and at the moment I am very happy with our progress as a team.

I am building a good relationship with my team-mate Roberto Rolfo and I think that together we can do a good job. He is a good rider as well as a good person and, as he was last year, he will be one of the serious candidates for the title in 2004.

Anyway, it looks like they are ready to take some more photos so I'd better get back!

Adios amigos!

Toni #24

250cc, 2003, Toni Elias

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