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Rain hinders Aprilia test at Estoril

Rain hinders Aprilia test at Estoril

Rain hinders Aprilia test at Estoril

The typically unpredictable Atlantic weather at the Portuguese circuit of Estoril hindered Aprilia riders during two days of tests this weekend. Aprilia Germany riders Chaz Davies and Johan Stigefelt joined several of their factory peers – Fonsi Nieto, Alex De Angelis and Manuel Poggiali – on track for the first time this preseason, whilst fellow privateers Hector Faubel, Dirk Heidolf and Anthony West continued their development programmes ahead of the new season.

250cc rookie De Angelis was again impressive despite the damp conditions, clocking a best lap of 1'44.0 on the first day that nobody got the opportunity to improve on as conditions worsened on Saturday. De Angelis' fellow newcomer to the Italian factory quarter-litre set-up Sebastian Porto, who has also been setting the pace throughout a busy winter schedule, was not at this test, preferring instead to continue with his own private physical training routine ahead of the official 250cc World Championship preseason tests at the Catalunya circuit on the 24th and 25th March.

However, Porto's Team Repsol - Aspar team-mate Fonsi Nieto was on hand to run up the kilometres on the wet track as he took on the responsibility of developing the new RSW chassis. "I am quite satisfied with the work we have done here over the two days," commented the Spaniard.

"Bit by bit we are able to evolve the chassis and I feel very comfortable with it now. I have got a good rhythm and that is important. The weather hasn't been on our side, particularly on the second day when I was hardly able to ride, but at least we had the chance to do some wet testing and set a good time in these conditions. We have also got some good wet settings and completed a lot of tyre work. The wind was also a problem, as it usually is here. As far as the team is concerned I am very happy with the work we have done so far and we'll be back at Valencia next weekend to get some more work done ahead of the IRTA tests at Barcelona."

Unofficial lap times – first day

Alex de Angelis - 1'44.0
Manuel Poggiali - 1'44.1
Fonsi Nieto - 1'44.9
Chaz Davies - 1'45.1
Hector Faubel - 1'46.0
Anthony West - 1'46.0
Dirk Heidolf - 1'47.1
Johan Stigefelt - 1'47.5

Unofficial lap times – second day

Alex de Angelis - 1'45.0
Manuel Poggiali - 1'45.3
Fonsi Nieto - 1'45.6
Anthony West - 1'45.8
Johan Stigefelt - 1'46.9
Hector Faubel - 1'47.0 Dirk Heidolf - 1'48.1

250cc, 2003

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