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Suzuki confident after their "best test for two years"

Suzuki confident after their 'best test for two years'

Suzuki confident after their "best test for two years"

The Suzuki MotoGP team completed their fourth test session of the preseason at Valencia this weekend, with team manager Garry Taylor confidently pronouncing it as their most productive session for two years as they packed up on Sunday evening. Kenny Roberts was again joined by Gregorio Lavilla in place of the team's regular rider John Hopkins, who is still sidelined by ankle injuries sustained in an off-road bike crash, with both riders reporting further progress with the interim version of the 990cc V4 four-stroke GSV-R, which was described by the team as ‘another development stage in the evolution towards the full 2004 racer'.

"As usual, we are not releasing lap times, but that was our most positive test for a couple of years," commented Taylor. "You can see by his manner how Kenny is feeling. He is a racer, and he has the sniff of a chance of success. It's the result of a lot of hard work from the factory, addressing the problems we had last year, and also a systematic programme of testing. We've made real progress."

Roberts echoed Taylor's conviction before flying home to California to prepare for the team's next outing at the MotoGP Official Test at Catlunya in three weeks' time. "We're getting more and more things figured out, and we're starting to get the bike so it has a better feeling," said the former 500cc World Champion.

"It's impossible to say that we're competitive already; it wouldn't be constructive to think about that. We can only base our progress on what we achieved last year - and we'd win every time compared with that. We are consistently faster on race tyres than we were last year on soft qualifying tyres, good for only a couple of laps. That's a pretty big change."

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