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Dani Pedrosa surprised by his early progress at Valencia

Dani Pedrosa surprised by his early progress at Valencia

Dani Pedrosa surprised by his early progress at Valencia

Dani Pedrosa made his overdue debut in the 250cc class this weekend having spent most of the preseason recovering from operations on both of his ankles after breaking them in the penultimate round of his successful 125cc World Championship campaign last season. The Spanish youngster climbed aboard the factory Honda RSW 250 RW he will ride in his rookie quarter-litre campaign for the first time at Valencia on Saturday morning and, despite feeling understandably rusty, reported positive progress over the two days that would follow.

"It was a nice experience," said the 18 year old, who is Spain's youngest ever World Champion. "It was good fun because I hadn't ridden a bike for the best part of five months before this weekend so I have been counting down the days and it was great to be back at a racetrack. I've got a new bike, new mechanics and everything is very different but by the end of the weekend I was getting used to things and felt very comfortable with the bike."

Reaching speeds of over 250km/h, the 250cc machine is a huge step up from the nimble 125, which touches 220 km/h at the Spanish circuit, but Pedrosa was more surprised by the weight of the bigger machine, which is around 30 kilos heavier. "I knew it would be more powerful than the 125 but I was quite surprised by the weight of the bike. The way you have to move it around is very different in comparison with the 125. To be honest I thought I would be surprised by the braking but I wasn't."

Pedrosa now has a brief period of rest before the team return to action at the official 250cc tests at Catalunya, which begin on the 24th March, although he will be continuing his training regime in an attempt to regain full fitness ahead of the start of the season. "Right now I'm feeling a bit tired. Obviously I'm lacking a lot of strength around my ankles and in my calves and my legs need time to be stronger. But for a first test things have gone much better than I expected, " he concluded.

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