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Fonsi Nieto: "2004 will be a tough year"

Fonsi Nieto: '2004 will be a tough year'

Fonsi Nieto: "2004 will be a tough year"

Fonsi Nieto completed his fifth test of an intense preseason at Valencia last weekend and admitted that he is in for another tough season after failing so far to find the perfect set-up for his Aprilia. Sessions at Jerez, Estoril and Valencia (three times) have yet to bear the fruit that the Spanish rider had anticipated, with problems emerging with the new chassis, but Nieto refuses to get downbeat and insists he will be at the same level as his rivals at the start of the season.

"We're running up a lot of kilometres but I am still some way short because the chassis is new and it needs a lot of work," said Nieto. "So far things are going quite well really, they could be better but I'm happy. I'm starting the season at the same level as the other riders but I will have to adapt my style of riding to the new chassis and adapt the chassis to me. One problem I have is that I weigh a little more than some of the other riders and that counts against me. But I think that with the work we are doing this winter we can get the bike set up to my liking and have it ready for the first Grand Prix."

"This season is going to be tough – very tough. There will be three World Champions out there and, whereas before there were five of us fighting for the championship, this time there could be as many as ten. My main thought above anything is to win the title. I am going to try and be at the front and fighting regularly for the lead. I still have a lot to learn but this category is getting harder each year. I think it's going to be a really good championship and I expect to learn a lot from it. I'm certainly not rushing for a move to MotoGP - things will happen at the right time."

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