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Camel Honda make official presentation in Milan

Camel Honda make official presentation in Milan

Camel Honda make official presentation in Milan

Camel Honda today made their official team presentation in Italy at a spectacular lunchtime conference attended by over 300 guests. The stars of the show were undoubtedly riders Max Biaggi and Makoto Tamada, who rolled onto the stage at the Alcatraz discotheque in Milan aboard their bright yellow Honda RC211V machines. The pair were then joined by Team Director Sito Pons, who declared their common goal of winning the Teams and Riders MotoGP World Championship titles this season.

"This is our second year with Camel and with Max Biaggi and, after finishing second in the teams' championship last season we are aiming for the teams and riders title in 2004," commented Pons. "Max has much more experience on this bike and we think it is time for him to challenge for victories. His lap times and the fact that he has regularly topped the time sheets at the preseason tests are a good indication of our objectives. The arrival of Makoto Tamada and the highly qualified team of technicians he has brought with him is fantastic for us."

"I think the moment has arrived for me to become World Champion," declared Biaggi. "After several seasons finishing second or third, this has to be my season. I hope to continue receiving the support of Honda as I did at the preseason tests and I am hoping to start winning races as soon as the championship gets underway. The Honda is going very well, as we saw at the end of last season and as we have seen during the preseason. This is my second year with this bike and this team, I know them all very well and I feel comfortable with them – from the Chief Engineer Santi Mulero to every one of my mechanics. It is a very professional outfit."

On his new team-mate, Biaggi added: "When the season starts I know that Tamada will be a tough rival who must not be underestimated and there is no doubt that he has a chance."

Tamada outlined his own objectives, which correlated with those of his Italian partner and his Spanish team boss. "I have to be aiming for the World Championship title, although I know it will be tough. I already know Sito Pons' team and I have to say it is an honour to be able to work with them and alongside Max Biaggi."

When questioned if he was hoping to pick anything up from Biaggi, Tamada quipped: "The girls and the money!"

MotoGP, 2004

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